New Portfolio

Today it is exactly 233 days ago that I updated my blog for the last time. At that last post I just finished my portfolio, and I was really happy about it. Now 233 days later I updated my portfolio to a brand new website, it can be found on link. With the experience I gained those couple of months I had to update my portfolio to a more up-to-date/ advanced version. So thats what I did. In those past days a lot has changed, most of my friends quit the study and im still holding on. In this last week of my first year, I can say that I definitely learned a lot and that it was a good one. Im hoping that at the beginning of next year I have 57 european credits, that almost my propodeuse.
The past months ive been busy with an amazing project where we could make our own videogame, i set the project up so i am the one responsible. It was cool and I learned a lot from it, and i got a lot of respect for those guys working on games for their living. I also wrote two essays, they can be found on my portfolio under courses/projects --> interactive visualization --> essay and under courses/projects --> have fun and play --> essay.
So yeah I will try to upload this blog a little more often, because it is a nice dairy.

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