Brand new website

Today I finished my portfolio, I put a lot of effort in it and I'm pretty happy with the result. I hope that you visit it and that you will like it. Here is the link: Sven Dekker's Portfolio. You can find all assignments that I made this year on my portfolio, My essay can be viewed both at the We create identity and Web technology part.


Time for an update, Time for an update!!!

As the title already says, its about time for an update. I'm actually going to do two updates in one, first of all  an update about the Urban Mayhem project and second of all an update about graphic design. Anyways first things first, The Urban Mayhem project. Its been a while since I've said something about the project but we haven't stopped working on it. On the Urban Mayhem Website (link) You can follow us on our journey to create an amazing interactive video, but I will tell the main progress up here. We actually started filming two weeks ago, but because of some other appointments I wasn't able to be there. With the footage that our team created we created an teaser (link) last monday (October 4th), It turned out amazing and we showed it that afternoon in class (click on the link to watch it). So the next day we didn't have class so we decided to come together to edit some footage for the actual video and to shoot some extra video. We worked a long time on editing and it is very promising, later that night we went outside and shot some more. I wasn't really able to work on it anymore the next couple of days due a lot of homework for two other classes, I will probably go on this weekend. So thats about it for Urban Mayhem, just check out the website (link) every once in a while to keep up-to-date.
Then second of all we had to turn in our (final) project for Graphic Design. The assignment was to create a postcard that represents our study (Creative Technology). When the teacher told us about the assignment I already had an idea, I made some sketches and thought about some other ideas but eventually I sticked with the original idea. The idea was to put the letters CreaTe on the front and build them out of objects that we use, that we can use, that we will use or just objects that represents CreaTe. I used a lot of images for this project and there happens a lot on the card, everybody will recognize some stuff that they will like and where they feel comfortable with. That will already create a "relation" between the study/postcard and the user. I spend a lot of time looking for images, cutting them out and transforming them in Photoshop to make them fit in the actual letters. But this was not a bad experience since I love to work with Photoshop. Then I actually integrated an idea that I had for another postcard, just lines and lines of words that represent CreaTe (see background of the card). I typed it out and putted it in there, I changed the opacity so it won't be distracting. Even though the letters are build up out of a lot of thing, it still unifies. I created the back of the postcard just as a normal postcard, I wanted to carry on the comfortable feeling from the front to the back so I typed a little story as it is written to the reader. Well just judge for yourself, if you have any comments please post them because I want to work on my skills and make myself better

Well that was it for this time, I hope you liked it. I will try to update it a little more often, peace!



I love details, in everything I do I'm looking for details. I think when you see the beauty in some little things in life you start to appreciate it more. When I make photo's I always look at the small things, I zoom in big time and sometimes I lay down on the ground just to make a picture of a detail. Just look around you and try to see things you like or things you think look good. For example; I like how the droplets of water are chilling on the grass in the morning, how smoke is making his way into the air, how rust is taking over an iron object, how people subconsciously move their body (just watch a person whenever he or she is concentrating and you will know what I mean). I like it how fire can dance, how music can change your mood. I can go on forever with little things that I love, but the one thing I'm just saying is; look in your surroundings and find some details.. You will appreciate the world, the people and just random things way more. Take this with you if you are ever doing something creative like photoshop or photography and make sure you integrate some details so it remains interesting and good looking.


The Urban Mayhem logo

This afternoon I had a lot of spare time, no work and no sports this evening.. So I started Photoshop to start working on our groups logo.. We already shared some ideas the last couple of days, so with those thoughts in my head I started doodling in photoshop and illustrator. The idea was to create a sort of superhero logo with the initials and the urban environment integrated. After a couple of tries in Illustrator I came with a pretty good draft, I transferred it into photoshop and started to make it look cool.. I also created a step by step picture of what I did (in photoshop). Anyways, see here the results


Assignment Graphic Design

Today we had to present our homework in front of the class. The assignment was to edit a picture 9 times, we had to enhance the pictures message, we had to change its message and we had to remove its message. We had to do this by adding an element, removing an element and by exchanging an element. So thats 3x3=9. See here the original picture and underneath my work:

Promotion Urban Mayhem

For yesterdays "We create identity" assignment we had to make a promotion video for our project. Eventually we have to make an interactive video, with (un)safety in the urban environment as theme. The other groupmembers are:

Nick: Nick's blog
Sharah: Sharah's blog
Chris: Chris' blog

We used the city as inspiration for our project, for example traffic. Traffic is something we face every single day, we travel by foot, by bike, by car, by public transportation, etc. If you participate in traffic every day, you get used to it and its dangers. But there is still a chance that you get in an accident, every couple of seconds somebody dies or gets injured in traffic. With our video we are trying to make people aware of the dangers in the urban environment, and we are trying to convince them to think before they act and put their lives or the lives of another person in danger.

Well here is the promotion, sit back and enjoy:
Urban Mayhem


First day at the University

Hello my name is Sven Dekker and today I started the study Creative Technology at the University of Twente. Today's assignment was to create a blog, so that's what I did. This is the first blog I ever made, so this is more a test. Tomorrow we have to take a picture to class, so I tought it would be nice to put it on the web (actually the professor told me to do so..) so I am going to post it on this blog. It's a picture I took in Yosemite Park, I love to take pictures and that's why photography is a hobby of mine. This picture means a lot to me, but I will explain it further in class tomorrow (since I think that is what we are supposed to do).