I love details, in everything I do I'm looking for details. I think when you see the beauty in some little things in life you start to appreciate it more. When I make photo's I always look at the small things, I zoom in big time and sometimes I lay down on the ground just to make a picture of a detail. Just look around you and try to see things you like or things you think look good. For example; I like how the droplets of water are chilling on the grass in the morning, how smoke is making his way into the air, how rust is taking over an iron object, how people subconsciously move their body (just watch a person whenever he or she is concentrating and you will know what I mean). I like it how fire can dance, how music can change your mood. I can go on forever with little things that I love, but the one thing I'm just saying is; look in your surroundings and find some details.. You will appreciate the world, the people and just random things way more. Take this with you if you are ever doing something creative like photoshop or photography and make sure you integrate some details so it remains interesting and good looking.

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