Promotion Urban Mayhem

For yesterdays "We create identity" assignment we had to make a promotion video for our project. Eventually we have to make an interactive video, with (un)safety in the urban environment as theme. The other groupmembers are:

Nick: Nick's blog
Sharah: Sharah's blog
Chris: Chris' blog

We used the city as inspiration for our project, for example traffic. Traffic is something we face every single day, we travel by foot, by bike, by car, by public transportation, etc. If you participate in traffic every day, you get used to it and its dangers. But there is still a chance that you get in an accident, every couple of seconds somebody dies or gets injured in traffic. With our video we are trying to make people aware of the dangers in the urban environment, and we are trying to convince them to think before they act and put their lives or the lives of another person in danger.

Well here is the promotion, sit back and enjoy:
Urban Mayhem

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